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What is Pinta Libre and how does it work?

The first subscription app for beer, cocktails, and coffee.

Users download the app and subscribe
When they arrive at the bar or café, they show their screen to the waiter
They receive their free redemption and accompany it with whatever they prefer

Users pay a subscription and thus get a free beer or coffee per day at the best establishments in your city.

Our mission is to fill empty tables and generate savings for consumers through innovation, technology, and passion.

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Pinta Libre Franchises has the lowest entry fee in the market, making entrepreneurship accessible to everyone. Additionally, being a 100% online model, it doesn't require employees or expensive rent. This allows you to start generating income from day one of the launch.

We work together

You'll discover the Pinta Libre Academy, our online academy to understand everything about our model and its operation. You'll learn and plan with our team the strategy for acquiring venues/users, the launch in your market, and communication on all our platforms.

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What would I say to a franchisee from the rest of the world? I would tell them YES, go for it. If you’re thinking about it, get in touch with Mati Mindlin, CEO & Founder, and listen to him. Your fixed costs are low, but they’re always in relation to your income. You set your own ceiling in terms of the investment you want to make, and fixed costs tend to zero. So go for it and move forward!

Marcelo Pérez, Pinta Libre Coffee Uruguay.​

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  • España
  • Chile
  • Mexico
  • Uruguay

The United Kingdom has selected the top 19 Argentine startups to help them 'take the leap,' and Pinta Libre is one of them.


Pinta Libre, the app that allows you to have 30 beers a month for the price of one.


The app that revolutionizes the world of beer.


They are the most used beer platform in the country. They have already surpassed 100,000 downloads.


An entrepreneur offers free coffees and beers with an app and aims to generate one million dollars in revenue.


The Netflix of beer arrives in Barcelona from Argentina.



Can you imagine an app with a subscription service for drinking beer? Well, it exists, and it's called Pinta Libre, and it's arriving in Barcelona.



The app allows you to reduce outing expenses by up to 50%.



Pinta Libre is not only an option that provides benefits to its users but also an alternative or solution to reactivate the gastronomic market and help bars and restaurants attract customers.



Pinta Libre is the first platform to offer a subscription service for beer.


Here comes the 'Netflix of beer,' the app that allows you to have one beer a day at different bars.



The user saves between 30% and 60% on each of their outings.



Pinta Libre, the first craft beer app created for beer enthusiasts.



You can have one beer a day at some of the most popular bars in the capital.



We've created a system where everyone wins: users and participating venues.


It offers its franchisees what they call a 'business in a box': the company provides them with the complete package of their own app and website, training, user support, and marketing management.



"With Pinta Libre, they truly generate a significant benefit; users save between 30% and 60% on each of their outings.



Pinta Libre is pioneering the digital franchise model in clear alignment with the regional trend of promoting successful and innovative ventures with low investments and a return on investment in no more than 12 months.


Coffee subscription: a model that is growing strongly in Uruguay.



An app for coffee lovers.



More than 300 medium-sized companies have signed up on an annual basis.

Business world.

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